Dec 09 2011

Wood Dryer

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A social and community project has been conducted in last month. I was appointed as a group leader in one of the group. A group consisted of 4 members. We visited a fisherman, two wood workshops and a metal workshop. In these places we were opened into a variety of social problems with a broad scope. We selected a problem which we were told by a woodworker in one of the wood workshops.

The Problem/ Need:

Wood workshops buy wooden planks from milling centers. These planks are wet when they bring to the workshop. So, woodworkers keep the planks to dry for 2 months before use them. They need a faster method to dry these planks quickly.

After identifying the problem we suggested a solution.

Schematic DiagramThe Conceptual model

Conceptual Model


There are 4 main components.

1. Immersed coil

2. Pressure regulator

3. Water level indicator

4. One-way valve

Drying Method

    1. Remove the top cover and pour water to the vessel.
    2. Close the top cover and burn saw dust & wood parts.
    3. When the water boils connect the compressor.
    4. Spray hot air to the wood planks using spray gun or using close chamber.

Basic working Principles

• Compressed air input

First the air is compressed using a compressor. The compressors which are used to spray wood paint can be used.

•Heat generation using saw dust & wood parts

The primary fuel source is saw dust and wasted wood parts. These will be burnt to generate heat and it will heat up the water inside the vessel.

• Heat absorption by internal water

A lot of heat is absorbed by water and this heat is transferred to air by conduction through the steel coil. Water has a high specific heat capacity. This will allow a continuous uniform heat supply to air and a nearly isothermal operation.

•Heat conduction by water immersed coil

The steel coil is the interface between water and air. Since steel is a good conductor, air will be heated quickly.


Special Features

• One-way valve

When the air is heated in the coil, its pressure may increase, and convection flows may be generated. If this hot air flows to the compressor it will damage it. To protect the compressor from hot air a one-way valve is introduced at the inlet of the dryer.

• Pressure regulator

This acts as internal pressure controller and temperature controller. By increasing the weight of the regulator pressure of the water vapor increases then the boiling temperature of the water will increase. Eventually temperature of the hot will increase.

• Water level indicator

When steam escapes from the regulating cap, the water level gradually decreases. The user can view the water level by the transparent (glass) component added to the pressure vessel wall. When the water level goes below the recommended level, the user can pour water in.


If you are  interested in this project I can give more information.

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