Dec 09 2011

Wood Dryer

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A social and community project has been conducted in last month. I was appointed as a group leader in one of the group. A group consisted of 4 members. We visited a fisherman, two wood workshops and a metal workshop. In these places we were opened into a variety of social problems with a broad scope. We selected a problem which we were told by a woodworker in one of the wood workshops.

The Problem/ Need:

Wood workshops buy wooden planks from milling centers. These planks are wet when they bring to the workshop. So, woodworkers keep the planks to dry for 2 months before use them. They need a faster method to dry these planks quickly.

After identifying the problem we suggested a solution.

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Jan 16 2011

LED patterns (Pic 16F84A)

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Download code + schematic design

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Nov 13 2010

Multi Plug Model

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Download AutoCAD file

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